ACAI Antioxidants+


1) Each serving of ACAI Antioxidants+ contains 300 mg Acai 4:1 Extract, 300 mg Goji Berry 40% Extract, 300 mg Noni 4:1 Extract, 250 mg Mangosteen Extract, 250 mg Pomegranate, and 20 mg trans-Resveratrol.
2) 30 servings per container of 60 capsules.
3) Suggested Use: 2 capsules daily preferably with meals or as directed by a healthcare professional.
4) Manufactured in a FDA registered and cGMP certified facility in the United States.
5) Contains desiccant packet for freshness.

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1) Acai berries are known for its inherent and powerful antioxidant properties that provide various health benefits that can keep you young and healthy.* <>  Activalley’s special blend of ACAI supplements provides you with an convenient and easy way for you to take advantage of this berry renowned by many for its anti-aging capabilities.
2) Acai is rich in compounds that contain powerful antioxidants, as well as fiber and heart-healthy fats that can also suppress inflammation and lower risk of cancer.** <>
The several natural compounds found in Acai consist of flavonoids and procyanidins, antioxidants that help to flush your body of free radicals and prevent damage to cellular DNA and cellular membranes.*** <>
3) ACAI supplementation is recommended for women and men that want to improve the health of their skin.  Taking ACAI provides your body with potent antioxidants that may boost your overall health and help you to maintain pristine and shining skin.

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